2021 Annual Evaluation of the Pastor

 Annual assessment of ministry is vital to maintaining a healthy, thriving congregation, and provides an opportunity to deepen your appreciation of the ways that God is at work in our community.

Please complete this evaluation of Pastor Scott Morrow by Tuesday, Nov. 3. Your responses should reflect your overall experience, but note that Question #5 deals specifically with managing the COVID 19 experience.

Questions 1-4 are rooted in our Mission, Vision and Values statement: “Our church’s mission is to bind ourselves with Jesus Christ in…:

Example answers to each question are included below.  They do not reflect the opinions of the Pastoral Relations Team. None of these examples are suggestions, they are intended to spark your own thought process to answer the evaluation questions.

Answer might be: He is good at sharing the history of the scriptures or it might be: His prayers are thoughtful and his sermons are thought-provoking. Or it might be: He could improve by showing how the scriptures relate to modern everyday life or it might be: He could improve the worship by having more Lay-led Worship Services.
Answer might be: He encourages giving not just money but food for Food Pantry, Backpacks for school children, support for Building New Britain, etc. or it might be: He listens to new ideas for communication and missions. Or it might be: He could improve by leading Christian Discipleship Retreats or it might be: He could improve by delegating more responsibilities to the Deacons.
Answer might be: I really appreciated the way he talked to us and then shared our family memories at the Memorial Service or it might be: He is always willing to talk with me when I have problems. Or it might be: He could improve by offering baptisms in the hospital for preemies or it might be: He could improve by sharing a scripture that was meaningful to him in a challenging time.
Answer might be: Scott encouraged me to serve supper at the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen or it might be: Scott’s serving on the North Haven Food Council got me to thinking how I might serve the community. Or it might be: Scott could improve his leadership by sharing more ways we as a congregation could participate in Christian Mission or it might be: I’d like to see more Mission trips to help those affected by hurricanes.
Answer might be: I so appreciate that Scott has found a way for us to share in Communion even though we can’t meet in person or it might be: I admire the problem-solving that found the way to text our names to be included in the service. Or it might be: I missed the Noisy Offering or it might be: I think we ought to be collecting blankets for the people burned out of their homes by the wildfires out West.